Exhibitor and Sponsor 
Exhibitors and Vendors congratulations on your interest or decision to participate in the Marriage Celebration Expo 2023. We are developing a new market of customers and clients for your business to grow and profit by and that is the new and exciting marriage renewal market.  At this event you get to participate in the existing multi-billion dollar bridal market and the new marriage renewal market all under the same roof. This event has endless financial potential for your business and it is also a catalyst for rebuilding, strengthening and saving marriages. What this translates into is strong families and marriages that will build and insure a strong economy for your products and services, that also means big profits for your company.  Thanks for helping to save marriages.

Our expo will be on the same weekend as 1,000,000 plus women will be in New Orleans for the Essence Music  Festival and most of them will come to our event. There were 523,000 attendees this year at the last Essence Music Festival. Most had nothing to do when their favorite stars were not performing. Most are bringing their mates in 2023.

  • 63 percent of expo attendees have a household income in excess of $75,000 with another 10% earning more than $150,000.
  • 77% of these married couples have college degrees.
  • 75% own their homes and are up-to-date on their mortgage.
  • 84% have two or more luxury cars.
  • 77% have two or more credit cards with credit scores over 715.
  • Couples ages ranging from 19 thru 75 years plan to attend expo.
  • Attendees have a positive attitude towards sponsors and don't forget them when they shop.
  • History has shown that over 50% of attendees of public shows can name at least three sponsors at the event.
  • Attendees will buy more from the expo when vendors and hotels make arrangements for them to ship their merchandise back home, especially by one of the shipping companies such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. This is a big help since air travel restricts some items or charges more for carry on baggage.  We plan to invite these shipping companies to sponsor and be on site.
  • This event has dozens of ways for your company to advertise products or services over and over to the married couples.

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Who is Coming To This Exciting Expo?
Advantages Of This Expo 
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Decision Making Facts
 Corporate Welcome Receptions

Celebrities & VIP's

Guest & Keynote Speakers of Seminars

Live Entertainment and Corporate Celebration Parties
Main Stage Sponsorship

.Lingerie and Designer Fashion Shows

Transportation Shuttles with your company signs

Gifts and Shopping Bags For Attendees with your company logos on them
Marriage Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Memory Lane Classic Cars and Trucks with signage showing your company logos near or on the displayed vehicles

The Exciting Tease Me & Please Me Exotic Show 
Honeymoon Travel Giveaways 
Grand Prizes
 Morning Drive Radio Ads

  Cable TV Advertising
Your Own Company Pavilion

This expo will be promoted worldwide by various media to include radio, tv, internet, print media, phone calls, flyers, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and more
  We offer maximum exposure for least cost with three (3) days of repeated exposure to your company.   Reach a years worth of customers and/or clients in 3 days
   We will put married couples with good credit or cash who are household decision makers in front of your company.  Perfect for your sales force
 You will meet married couples who are owners of companies and are decision makers of corporations worldwide
 An excellent opportunity to introduce your company's new and promising products and services 
  We will have video screens for your company to advertise on through out the exhibit hall
  Companies can sell franchises to couples that want to be in business for themselves but need support
  The perfect venue for specialty professionals such as attorneys, insurance agents, doctors, consultants, architects, and realtors to recruit clients who have an interest in their services
   The exhibition hall will be one big shopping delight for your
attendees and is an excellent way for companies to sell off their inventory
 Companies can recruit future employees from this large pool of married couples who have experience and talent in your fields of business. (set up a recruitment booth)
Naming Rights & Signage Sponsorship 
Bidding Opportunities At The Expo
• Exclusivity $50,000 value 
Exclusive advertising rights for the entire event  “Marriage Celebration Expo 2023” is  controlled by Universal World Entertainment Group.  Both parties recognize that signage sponsorship's sold by the rented facility tenants are exempt from this exclusivity clause.

• LED Ribbon Board – Double Platinum Package $30,000 value

Illuminated Fixed Advertisement
One (1) illuminated fixed advertising logo, measuring 24”H x 120”W, located on the LED
Ribbon board of the upper bowl of the arena. A one time production cost is included.
Advertiser to supply electronic artwork.

Full Color Animated Advertisement
The full color, fully animated advertisement is included  for all events at the event rented facility and is subject to promoter approval. The LED fascia display has the capability of
capturing the audience’s attention because it can do so many features. Included in this
package is the production of up to five (5) 15 second fully animated commercials.

Own the Boards
Includes a minimum of fifteen (15) 15 second “Own the Board” opportunities per

  • Naming Rights for  "Fashion Show" $130,000 value.
Signage to be provided by advertiser.
  • Naming Rights for  "Memory Lane Car Show" $130,000 value.
Signage to be provided by advertiser.
  • Naming Rights for Tease Me Please Me Show" $115,000 value.
Signage to be provided by advertiser.

Minimum of Six Signs to be located in lobby or concourse during each event. signage to be provided by advertiser.

• Concourse Pillar Wrap $15,000 value
One pillar wrapped with signage located on the Concourse Level of the event facility. Cost of signage to be paid by advertiser.

• Neon Signage $25,000 value
Five (5) neon signs on the Concourse to be provided by advertiser.

• Two (2) Concourse Banners $8,000 value
Two (2) 8’ x 10’ double sided vinyl banner that hang on the event facility concourse.  Universal World Entertainment Group covers the initial cost of production and installation of advertisement. Any changes to be paid by advertiser.

• Wall Mounted Concourse Signage $23,000 value
Two 40” x 40” wall‐mounted signs on Concourse walls. Cost of signage to be paid by advertiser.

• Concourse Ad Display $21,200 value
One full color illuminated 24” x 18” sign located on the concourse wall as part of a grid display, and is adjacent to the main concession area on the concourse. Includes opportunity to display coupons or brochures. Advertiser to supply materials for display. Universal World Entertainment covers the initial cost of production and installation of the sign. Any changes to be paid by advertiser.

• Video Message $11,000 value
Minimum of one 30 second video commercial on the box office plasma screen and all concession stand televisions. Box office plasma runs during box office hours and on event night. Concession stand televisions are on during the course of an event.
Other Benefits

• Suite Usage/Hospitality
Advertiser will be given the opportunity to be added to the list to rent suites on a per diem basis when the original suite holders do not opt to utilize them.

• Event Ticket Purchase
Opportunity to purchase tickets for each event at the Marriage Celebration Expo 2023 on line before public on sale.

• Sponsor Recognition Activities
Your Company will be invited to participate in Universal World Entertainment Group sponsor/suite holder recognition events such as the Sponsor Recognition Cocktail Party in the fall and Golf Outing in the spring. 

Total Marriage Celebration Expo 2023  Advertising Package Value $553,200 

Bid Form 
Universal World Entertainment Group is soliciting bids for Advertising rights within the 
Marriage Celebration Expo 2022 rented facility. 
This arrangement will provide the successful sponsor to exclusive advertising rights for
 signage controlled by Universal World Entertainment Group.
The preferred term of the agreement should be three years 
REP relates solely to the exclusive advertising/signage sponsorship at The Marriage Celebration Expo 2022 and has no relation to any purchase of supplier product. The amount of the sponsorship must be based solely on advertising, sponsorship and promotional value.
Universal World Entertainment Group reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Company:___________________________ Contact: _____________________

Please indicate your bid amount along with any other incentives, rebates or capital improvement ideas that you would offer as part of your bid here:

Marriage Celebration Expo Advertising Rights Bid Amount: $1,553,200 (latest bid) 
Term: Annually for 3 Years

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