The Marriage Celebration Club Expo 2024 
Presents the 
Diamond Ring & Jewelry Pavilion For Engagement And Vow Renewals

Husbands, remember when you two went to the Jewelers to buy your wedding rings and you bought a 1/2 carat diamond for her. You told her that you would get her a larger diamond when your career moved further ahead and you would be making more money.  She agreed because she knew you did not make much money then and she still loved you up until today. Well guess what, that time is now. You are now making a lot more than you did in those days and your wife has not forgotten your promise. She is secretly tired of hiding her left hand with that little diamond on it from her women friends, co-workers and family members.  They have on their ring finger diamonds that are 1.5 to 3 carats or larger.  We at the Marriage Celebration Expo 2024 have heard her anguish and desires for you to make good on your promise and we have invited the best jewelers in the country to help you out. They will be at our Diamond Pavilion in the grand ballroom and will take your old diamond as a trade-in with an official appraiser on hand to give you a true fair market price appraisal so that you can trade-up and keep that promise to your wife. She deserves it and you know it. 

Think about how those romantic nights will be in the hotel and on the cruise ship after you have kept your promise.  In the morning you will have big grin on your face singing "Oh What A Night" and you will be the star in her eyes.

Now husbands, if you have already purchased your wife a nice ring when you first got married then congratulations "You Are The Man"  and her hero.  The jewelers will have bracelets, necklaces, and earrings so that you can still be her hero now and you can have the same results at night as the guys upgrading their wives rings. 

Wives how come your husband does not have a wedding band on?  Buy him a wedding band at the expo so that other women will know that he is yours and they should back off.  These jewelers will have men's wedding bands with diamonds, so get your husband one and he will feel he is special to you.  Then renew your wedding vows while you are in New Orleans or when you get back home with both of your families at your own private ceremony.  See you at the expo.

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