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Marriage Learn and Grow Seminar Topics

  • How to keep the other woman or man from stealing your spouse.
  • How to be a world class lover to your spouse featuring the Lovemaking Improvement Crash Course
  • How to end marriage arguments forever and overcoming anger in order to communicate.
  • How to keep your marriage together and end infidelity forever with the 2 step marriage rule.
  • How to forgive the cheater in the marriage and repair your marriage.
  • Learning, facing and correcting the unrealistic expectations of your marriage fantasy. 
  • One foot in and one foot out of your marriage (I am thinking of leaving you)
  • Elimination of Family Financial Problems
  • God and Your Marriage Decisions
  • Husbands Only and Wives Only Meetings
  • What to do when your husband or wife loses his or her job.
  • Tease Me Please Me Show (ideas for bedroom fun and games)
  • How To Prevent or Eliminate Marriage Boredom for one or both couples 
    (usually comes on average close to your 7th or 16th years of marriage) 
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Seminar Topics

A Sample of What You Will 
Learn at the Seminar

Spouse Money Complaint:  

One spouse is controlling because he or she makes more money than the other.  One spouse makes the other spouse feel less of a contributor in the marriage.  Both spouses buy what they want with their bi-weeky pay checks, an example is he buys 4 new $350 each rims for his SUV and she buys a new $1,200 outfit from the most expensive store in town and both couples expect the other to make up the difference on the bills and usually arguments result with both couples angry. It also means secret resentment building up and a bill is not paid.  What should they do?

Marriage Celebration Expo 2023 Financial Solution:
First ask your spouse to join you where you can sit and talk calmly to each other about this problem.  Next express your love to each other and let the other spouse know how you feel and that there is a solution suggested by this site to make it better for both of you.  Next read this together:  

Mr. & Mrs. you were joined as one in a marriage ceremony before God.  Any income coming into the house is for the benefit of the both of you, who are one.  It is suggested that both paychecks should first go into a joint bank account to pay the bills. Next after the bills are paid, the money goes into a savings account for the family's future and emergencies.  After the savings account is taken care of, then you as a couple will split what is left over and put the balance into both spouses separate bank or credit union accounts.  These accounts are for each spouse to do whatever he or she desires to do with this money.  No spouse can tell the other how to spend this remaining money.  This will cause financial harmony in the household because you know where and how your marital money is spent. Any new household bills must be agreed upon together.  
Pay Check
Pay Check
Direct Deposit Both Pay Checks into a
Joint Account for Paying Family Bills

Then money is moved  automatically to a
Joint Savings Account for Family Future and Emergencies

His Own Private Bank 
Account To Do As He Pleases.  Spouse cannot tell him what to do with this money

Her Own Private Bank 
Account To Do As She Pleases.  Spouse cannot tell her what to do with this money
This solution is very simple and was heard on the Steve Harvey Show  on a local radio station 96.3 WHUR during a segment on the show called the Strawberry Letter with a similar letter to the radio hosts on the show Ms Strawberry and Steve Harvey.  Steve Harvey said an old friend gave him this solution to an old marriage problem.

The Marriage Celebration Expo 2023 gives thanks to Steve Harvey, 
Ms Strawberry and his friend for a simple solution that many seem to make more complicated. You answered this problem from your life experience and a friend. Thank you once again.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
The End Result Is More Money In the Family Household and A Very Happy Marriage
Brilliant Professional Marriage Counseling That Will Work In Your Marriage At The Expo

  Balance is Divided and moved  to:

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Key Note Speaker :  Mort Fertel

The 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage Now
  • How to rebuild broken trust
  • How to deal with "I'm not in love with you."
  • How to ruin their affair
  • How to reconnect 
  • How to get your spouse to change  
  • How to get over the past
  • How to stop a divorce
  • How to avoid a separation
  • How to forgive and be forgiven
  • Plus 5 Marriage Assessments  
More Topics Addressed by World Class Speakers At The Expo
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