Many married couples secretly wished they had a big wedding when they first got married, but at the time of their marriage, they could not afford to.  Now that you can afford to in 2024
you can have a marriage renewal ceremony, and they are very popular and accepted as the norm these days. So we have planned for you to do so in the renew marriage ceremony ballroom of the Expo. 

You can also plan to have your marriage vow renewal ceremony back in your home town. We have a large cadre of wedding planners available  for you to plan that perfect wedding renewal ceremony for the both of you.  We are notifying the churches, synagogues, and mosques in Miami Florida that you may want to have your ceremony there or you can join our mass ceremony in the host hotel. When you register please let us know that you want to renew your vows in South Florida. 

Engaged couples can get married at the Marriage Celebration Expo 2024.  Let us know if you plan to join us in Miami Florida and if we can help you with your wedding plans.

The 10 Commandments 
of Marriage

Thou Shalt

1. Come together as ONE

2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

3. DISCUSS all financial matters

4. RESPECT each others space

5. RESPECT each others opinions

6. LISTEN To each Other

7. Go out on a Date once a week

8. NEVER keep secrets from one another

9. ALWAYS remember your anniversary

10. ATTEND the Marriage Celebration Expo Every Year
Marriage Vow Renewal  and  Engaged Couples Wedding Ceremonies
At The Expo

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