Married Couples You Are Invited  
  • Come to an awesome 6 days 5 nights event of marriage enhancement, romance, counseling, fun and intimacy. This event is planned exclusively for couples already married.  Also Invited are engaged couples, happy and unhappy married couples, couples contemplating separation or divorce but want to give their marriage one more chance and those who just want knowledge to enhance their marriage will benefit from this event.  You don't want to miss this great event for a holiday of excitement, romance and fun. 

New Orlean's Most Exciting International Marriage Event

"The Marriage Celebration Expo & Holiday" 
Sept. 2-4, 2023
In the Romantic and Fun
New Orleans
  Hotels & Venues to be announced

The Theme:
Put the Love, Fun, Romance And  Intimacy Back Into Your Marriage
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to your married relatives, co-workers and friends

Special Notes To Married Couples
  • We strongly suggest that married couples start right now, to get ready for the expo by getting in shape.  Start jogging, bike riding, aerobics, swimming, walking  and extra lovemaking together at least 3 times a week in the mornings or evenings and tell your neighbors you are getting ready for the Marriage Expo.  Next you invite them to go.  Husbands and wives visit your doctors for a physical.  Husbands visit a Urologist and wives visit your Gynecologist for a sexual health evaluation and cure if there is a low sexual drive in you.  Together as husband and wife plan healthy meals that are tasty and filling to both of you.  Cut back on caffeine drinks (it kills your sex drive), bread and dairy.   We want you to really enjoy yourself in New Orleans at the Marriage Celebration Expo 2023. These suggestions we made will help you to have a happy, longer love life with each other and really help keep you together as one.  Re-adjust your scheduled activities and make the time to do this together and just do it.

  • Suggested reading for your healthEat Right For Your Type (blood type) By Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo with Catherine Whitney.  You will need to know if your blood type is A, B, AB or O.   After you read this book you will probably eliminate most of your allergies, pains and other physical problems with your body.  This book will help you reach you ideal weight much quicker and easier because of the knowledge you will gain from this book.  

The Marriage Population of USA is 61,345,000
The World Marriage Population is approximately 3.5 Billion 

Come Join Us In This Exclusive Celebration Of Marriage  
The Week of July 5 - 9, 2022

Marriage enhancing and repairing seminars with guest speakers whose topics will help make your marriage the strongest and happiest ever.
Three (3) days "Shop Until You Drop" with booth exhibits featuring a shopping showcase of gifts, products and services. 
Red Hot Sales all 3 Days!!
Live entertainment will also be provided   by the World Famous Entertainers of 
the talented and amazing:                         

They will perform songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to present day that includes R&B, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Pop, Seasonal, Dance and Gospel
Johnnie Steele Show
Opportunities to receive romantic fun weekend getaways, honeymoons, cruises, jewelry, money and other prizes will be given away. 

Marriage vow renewal ceremonies

A choice 
of a 3-day 3-night romantic celebration Caribbean Cruise or a 
3-day Romantic Intimate  Weekend Holiday in New Orleans
Mr. & Mrs. you both deserve this event to celebrate, learn and to focus on each other. 
Full Registration 
  Your full registration includes admission to all seminars, the exciting shopping showcase pavilion, the vow renewal ceremonies, the fun marriage celebration parties, and the romantic marriage celebration Caribbean Cruise or a romantic intimate weekend holiday in New Orleans plus so much more.

City Wide Marriage Celebration Parties 
Unlimited Dancing Nightly
Welcome To The World's Most Exciting Romantic  Fun Event 
for Married and Engaged Couples 
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Celebration Cruise
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Look at What Your Romantic Marriage Celebration 
Expo 2023 Holiday Features:

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